Improvements in science and technology Advances in science and technology and other areas of world in the last a century have converted the way we all live and postponing the afternoon we expire. There is no better time to be alive than now. As to the extent do you really agree or perhaps disagree with this view? Today, technology became a part of our lifestyle. Advance in technology is incredible. Everything has been changing during the past hundred years for example approach that we live, our foods, our interests. There is a big point right here that must be focus, every modify is bad at all. As a result of technology, each of our life today become much easier more than the earlier. We have a lot of computer in our home why these machines do everything for all of us. In the past, persons had trouble in connection, but today this matter has solved by internet. In further, the most important progress of technology or science appear in treatments. we had a lot of disease in the past there is no get rid of for them such as Cholera, Contagion, Tuberculosis, nevertheless we can get rid of them. However , with all good thing about technology, there is some dark side. We do our function easier, do not worry about disease, we have new energy source like nuclear energy, non-etheless we lost each of our humanity. Today, everything includes a value, so we can buy it. Even though we live together, do not know about every outer. We prefer contact to an individual or send out e-mail to theme rather than go browsing. In small family most people have a laptop or smart phone, so they will spend more time upon work with their electronic devices than speak with different. In conclusion, even though I like and revel in of technology and happy to technology, sometimes I actually miss pertaining to simple and kind people that lived in the past.


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