Duty vs . A friendly relationship

The brief story " After 20 or so years” is actually a classical account written by O. Henry. The storyline is about the two characters which were actually most of friends. They will grew up in New York until lost sight of each additional. One of them leave the place and tried to reside in West to make easy cash, thus this individual ended up being a criminal in Chicago while the other person felt that his put in place his hometown is better and he ended up as a policeman. The two friends made a promise any time twenty years both of them will satisfy again perfectly restaurant with regards to knowing each achievements they may have done after those years. those years. The story started out at the specific place of their appointed place and time. It is almost 10 o'clock at night and also dark out there. A policeman making his rounds, extremely door pulls to make sure everything is secure on his beat. Inside the doorway of your hardware store that may be closed, this individual comes across a guy who has a great unlit cigar in his mouth. Before the police officer can begin to question him, the man ensures him that he is not really a burglar that he is merely waiting for a buddy. He procedes light his cigar and tell the officer so why he and his friend happen to be meeting by such a dark and desolate place. The man, who may be Bob, informed him that he was expecting a friend this individual has not found for 20 years. Years ahead of he wonderful friend got agreed to fulfill at the incredibly spot to go over how their very own life got turned out. The man keeps about telling to the policeman how his lifestyle turned out very good that this individual actually started to be rich and successful. Referring to his closest friend, he told the policeman that Jimmy will never do not appear in their very own agreement intended for he has become a constant very good companion. After saying all these to the cop, the latter dismisses himself. Twenty minutes following the policeman left, another man went to greet his friend Bob. Both of them cheered and make themselves comfortable with the other person as they try to unleash the gap issues...


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