Case Study:

March 6th, 1991 – BPA and Southern California Edison agree to the first only environmental exchange of electrical power. The exchange of 200 MW helps reduce Los Angeles' smog and improves Northwest fish runs.

Listed as one of the proudest moments in Bonneville Power Administration's history, this contract is an excellent sort of creative problem solving in talks.

SO-CAL Edison needed to reduce nitrogen-oxide exhausts over a 10 year period to conform to the To the south Coast Quality of air MANAGEMENT Prepare. The hazardous gas is known as a byproduct of the combustion of coal and oil utilized to fire the plants possessed by Edison. Installing scrubbers and other emissions reducing technology is extremely high-priced for businesses.

The Bonneville Power Operations is a government agency with the subsequent mission affirmation.

The Bonneville Power Administration's mission as being a public assistance organization should be to create and deliver the affordable for the customers and constituents as we act together with others to make sure the Western:

An adequate, successful, economical and reliable power supply; A indication system that may be adequate towards the task of integrating and transmitting power from federal and non-federal generating devices, providing service to BPA's customers, providing interregional interconnections, and maintaining electrical reliability and stability; and

Mitigation with the Federal Columbia River Electrical power System's effects on fish and animals. Bonneville Officer Jim Jurisprudenz and Edison Chairman and Chief Executive Ruben E. Bryson reached a creative solution that benefited each of them.

Bonneville would enhance the water level in the Columbia Water, in Or and Washington State, throughout the spring and summer months. The increased drinking water levels allowed Edison downstream to produce associated with their own hydroelectric power during this period period reducing their dependence on coal or perhaps oil dismissed plants once energy requirements are excessive for cooling....


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