China and America

There are two places that have had a outstanding impact in my life. one of them can be china, plus the other is usually America. Customer my hometown. I have been lived there for nearly 21 years. then 3 years ago, We moved to America. I just like a baby in the usa. I how to start nothing regarding America. I want to adapt for the new community. when you compare all of them, they appear like dramatically distinct places, nonetheless they have some things in common. in fact , both of them produce an unforgettable memory with different education, different authorities, but the environment sometimes they seems like the same. I love both of them. Every nation has several education. in china, the focus of education is class, they terribly lack quiz and exam but the final examination. Final test is the only chance of your grade for your semester. instructor will submit the class from substantial to low, I really hate this portion. but in America, the school hopes the students expansion in an all-around way. Last is not the only way you get the class. also the grade is yours, no one is going to care about this. In the other hand, the school will separate the students to several course, different instructors will come to the different class to teach the scholars in china and tiawan. in contrast, in the us it is opposite, students went to different sessions to take diverse class. Not simply the education differs, but also the government differs from the others too. the america place democratic vote into practice, but in chinese suppliers, the democratic election is a long way to visit. Also in china a healthcare facility is a pricey place that few people pays the cost. If you don't have healthcare you need to spend yourself. The federal government will pay nothing for you. as opposed in America differs from the others, you can move hospital 1st, then they is going to mail the checking form for you, in case you cant shell out it, the government will pay for you personally. Above all this kind of, there are a good reason that the america seems like my own hometown. the two city collide with and...


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