Unit 1: The organization environment

D2- Examine how foreseeable future changes in political, legal and social elements, may effect on the technique of a specified organisation Sainsbury

Political Elements

The political steadiness affects Tesco because there are polls which take place every five years which usually lead to the government introducing new laws, regulations and within tax. This kind of affects Tesco because they must sell goods in order to make money and keeping the business jogging along with having to cover the packaging, fresh stock after which paying the cost of tax. Political things such as grants and loans that are borrowed from the government by simply Tesco could cause a negative effect on the business mainly because they will include large amounts pounds to repay. Petrol station should develop a strategy which in turn minimises how much money which they acquire therefore , that the long run it will eventually affect all of them postivley because they will have more cash to spend about things such as growth. Legal Elements

One rules which influences Tesco is the Data Protection Act (1998), Tesco have to utilize all the staff and customers' private information locked away in a secure info base from anyone gaining access and using the data. The government elevated maternity and sick leave payments; this affects Petrol station in a unfavorable way mainly because staff costs increase along with to replace personnel with momentary employees which usually also price. One way which in turn Tesco can manage this can be to give the required the employee presently on leave to anyone who has the knowledge of what this person does, by doing this Tesco would not have to put money into temporary members of personnel or training courses for current staff. General, this would in that case not affect the businesses overall performance. Social Elements

There have been a large number of changes to the structure in families; with an aging population, rise in single-person households and within education Petrol station have to focus on everyone. For example , one...


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