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4Walt-disney 2Evaluation 5Able 4Working-class 3Kid 4Cultural 3Education 23According 4History 2Dividends 2Marks 2Abuse 5Read 3Schizophrenia 2Exchange 2Civil 4Unilever 2Research 10Deliver 2Opponents 2Truly 3Criminal offenses 2Levels 2Brain 5Customer service 3Existence 8International 2Swot-analysis 2Category 3United-states-constitution 4Remember 2Supreme-court-of-the-united-states 2Enjoy 2Party 3Components 2Life 15First 13Republic 3Think 4Study 7Condition 3Exploration 2Product 13Used 8Price 3Nonverbal-communication 2Make 7Fight 2Doctor 4Makes 3School 7Independent 2Southern 2Claim 3Case 4Therefore 2Utilized 3Certain 3Rules 2Hearing 2Reaction 2Figure 3Section 2European 2Know 4Courses 2Received 2High 5Chemical-reaction 2Your life 4Video game 2Character types 2Communication-design 2Clothes 4Ready 3Tissue 2Germany 2Thailand 2Issue 4Things 5Relatives 4Martin 3Stage 4Program 5Know-how 2Points 4Issues 5Alter 3Concern 3Responsibilities 2Bond 2Morality 2Rates 4Grew 2Play 4Difficult 2Advertising 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