1) Introduction

Introduction to my own web server hosting company is all about a type of Internet hosting service that permits individuals and organizations to create their website available via the World-wide-web. Our company provide space on the server held or leased for use by clients, and providing Net connectivity, within a data center. Our hosting company includes Solitary page hosting which is generally sufficient for personal web pages. A fancy site demands a more thorough package that delivers database support and application development platforms (e. g. PHP, Java, Ruby in Rails, ColdFusion, or ASP. NET). Each of our facilities let customers to write or set up scripts intended for applications just like forums and content managing. Also, each of our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is typically used for e-commerce. In the long run, our company helps users to provide them with space on our servers to create their websites trough worldwide website.

2) Project Description

2 . 1) Website intended for web webhost, Software and content is essential to interoperability and accessibility for website. Worldwide web Range (W3C) is an international body system working towards defining standards in internet technologies and formats to get publishing contents on the web. The essence this task is to style and code a website which in turn would help for users to go through each of our plans and pricing and satisfaction specifications with the server which in turn users are likely to use apart with different consumer through data allocation and to help make it user identified of the storage space bandwidth.


2 . 2) North Host Free web hosting sites - dusseldorf Company internet site should validate to following technologies: -HTML 4. 01

-XHTML 1 . 0

-XML 1 . zero


Activities which are likely to be carried out are to produce a theme for the web page and then following on the design template, to design the header plus the style to get the website then to code the website with the technologies stated above and to help make it the website fully working and shouldn't cover a complicated coding languages as JAVA SOFTWARE but if it's going to necessary, it's going to used.

2 . 3) The stakeholder is public to anyone on the web which is interested in renting a web hosting server to publish his websites online through our services or perhaps for big businesses which will be having faith in us in providing associated with web storage space to publish their very own company site.


3) Task Development

SDLC is employed in details systems, devices engineering, and software architectural as a technique of creating new or altering existing systems. The SDLC can be looked at as a concept that lies below a number of software program development methodologies currently employed throughout industry. From these types of, the structure to create, program, and control an information program flows which is also known as the computer software development procedure.


-В В В В В В В В В Increased Control

-В В В В В В В В В Ability to monitor huge projects

-В В В В В В В В В Detailed actions

-В В В В В В В В В Very well defined user input and documentation -В В В В В В В В В Development and design standards


-В В В В В В В В В Leads to an increase in development time. -В В В В В В В В В Potential for increased development price. -В В В В В В В В В Rigidity. Systems has to be defined up-front with probably limited customer input. -В В В В В В В В В Project overruns can occur if errors take place in early stages from the project resulting in rework....


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