Greetings, my own fellows! I am Gauss, Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss. I was a The german language mathematician and I contributed drastically to maths and physics. I was given birth to on the 30th April 1777 in Braunschweig, Germany. However, my mom was not well educated and could certainly not read or write and could not record my day of beginning. The only she remembered was that I was born on a Wednesday, eight days and nights before the Feast of Elevacion, which happens 40 days and nights after Easter. I was christened and approved in a cathedral located nearby the school he went to since a child.

Not to brag, but I used to be a total professional! When I was 21, I actually made my personal first breakthrough discovery which was for making me well-known. I had finished Disquisitiones Arithmeticae. But it was not published until 1801. My own book was so great that it shaped the field of number studies all the way to the this day. Don't ask me personally how I know this since I can tell you I recently found this when I was in paradise.

I was so talented the fact that Duke of Braunschweig delivered me to 1 of the most renowned schools at the moment, Collegium Carolinum. I researched there from 1792 to 1795 and after that transferred to the University of Göttingen and studied there from 1795 to 1798. While I was still in school, I rediscovered several essential theorems. Nevertheless my breakthrough occurred in 1796 when he was able to prove that any regular polygon with a range of sides a Fermat excellent can be created by using just a compass and straightedge. Amazing isn't that! This was a tremendous discovery in neuro-scientific construction. This kind of discovery affected me to consider mathematics like a career. You understand I was and so pleased simply by my result that I wanted for a frequent heptadecagon, a 17-sided shape, to be personalized on my tombstone! But the stonemason declined, stressing that a heptadecagon would virtually look like a circle.

The year 1796 was the most efficient for me. Upon 30 March, I discovered ways to construct a heptadecagon. In 8 04, I became the first to show the quadratic...


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