The environment is definitely our natural environment. There are woods, herbal crops flower, waterfalls, forests, mountain range, water, airetc. Every people can't live without this environment. All of us want this environemnt to pay our existence. So we have many things coming from environment. Model water, trees, airetc. In the event you clean this kind of surroundings many of us can fit and strong life. Thus we must clean our environment. Yet today's population are increasing. These human population live with environment. So day by day, the people eliminate this environemnt. Specially, I wish to tell regarding the air pollution. In our country, have many industrial sectors. So this industries throw chemical compounds and vassels. In this case, acquire lot of carbendioxide air then pollute environment. So many people put garbages to the water. A lot of times this activity carry out industries. They put their rubbish, chemicals for this water. We can make many data regarding this kind of from Big t. V and newspapers. What exactly happend the case pollute the water. Many time the these people own in are killed. It will be poisonous. And also many people established fire to chena augmenting. It pollutes the ecologically. We can see a lot of garbages on road sides. Villager collect the garbages plus they use these garbages as their plants. If you pollute this kind of enironment all of us will notbe able to grow foods. Thus we will decide not to pollute environmental surroundings. I grew up in a environment where air pollution, disease, and other problems are a big issue. Automobiles and industrial facilities release green house gasses in the air, and forests are being cut down. In other countries, many people are behind upon cures intended for diseases. Many people discuss how the polar ice shelves are melting and the ozone layer using up. An Annoying Truth opened up my eyes to see how technology advances and garbage affect these environmental disasters, and I wish to accomplish something about it. I really do some things to generate myself more environmentally friendly. My spouse and i walk to school instead of driving a car because My spouse and i live regarding two blocks away. We also take those bus while i go downtown or my own...


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