By no means give up education

Currently, it is not easy to discover a suitable purpose of university students. Therefore, some cynics say that it is useless to go to a school. I totally disagree with this view. I believe the university students would have a glowing future. And whatever and whenever, education is always most important and should end up being never under no circumstances ignored. Inside the age of technology, the mechanization has been put on many industrial sectors, and more and more people are fully developed. Consequently, more and more businesses are able to make use of less visitors to have a higher production resulting in the lowering number of task opportunities. And after this the portion of students is increasing year simply by year. As a result, it looks that it become an increasingly for students to find a task. Actually, it is not easy for anyone coming from any school to find a ideal job. It really is one-sided and completely wrong to doubt the value of higher education just according to the difficulty to locate a job. About all is important education will be important and must go forward forever. On the other hand, under the international circumstance of fierce competition, to develop successful forces are really important, and the excellent persons are the key. As we know, our country is called word manufacturing plant, which is since in many companies, we could not master the core technology, we aren't choose but to produce. Therefore we need develop our education enterprise to cultivate abilities who can invent rather than develop only. On the other hand, in international countries, we often can find a few warning signs will be written in Chinese, which to some deg indicates which our citizens' quality needs bettering. And enhancing of citizens' quality also relies on the education. Besides, in recent times, the perpetrators tend to become younger. And many of small perpetrators didn't get a good education. Therefore , we need to never question the importance of education and not give...


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