Proportion Analysis

Activity Analysis

|ST Activity Percentages |2002 |2003 |2004 |2005 |2006 | |Inventory Proceeds Ratio |0 |1. 10 |0. 097 |0. 085 |0. 696 | |Average No . Days and nights Inventory In Stock |0 |328. 9 |3742. seventy two |4301. 69 |524. 56


Short Term Activity ratios determine the operational efficiency about the utilization of short-term assets Products on hand Turnover Rate: The percentage tells about how exactly many times Inventory turnover is done or complete in a presented year. Bigger the ratio is better which means that the inventory is proceeds very quickly. Products on hand Turnover Ratio 1 . eleven in 2003 indicates that company can sell total finished goods (inventory) 1 . 14 times annually. Increase in this kind of ratio indicates the productivity in managing inventory, that is not present in this provider as we can your declining level over the past years. This also indicates that the reserve of inventory and inventory holding cost is excessive for this organization. Inventor Yield Period: The ratio tells about length of time inventory is still in the share and decrease the proportion and better it is. From the table you observe that the ratios are too high which also indicates Contemporary Cement is usually inefficient in managing it is inventory.

|LT Activity Percentages |2002 |2003 |2004 |2005 |2006 | |Total Advantage Turnover Rate |0. 018 |0. 007 |0. 011 |0. 006 |0. 071 | |Fixed Asset Yield Ratio |0. 03 |0. 008 |0. 013 |0. 007 |0. 087


Long Term Activity ratios calculate the operational performance regarding the usage of long term purchases. If the company efficiently deals with its resources, then it can be useful for generating even more sales and revenue and required more assets to meet the more revenue. Higher the ratio is better means the firms is efficiently managed to generate it is sales. Total Asset Yield Ratio: This ratio displays how much revenue are made by using per unit of total advantage. It steps the efficiency of total investment management. It also displays the integrated efficiency of production, marketing and financing division. From the stand we can see which the ratios are too low and it was top in Season 2006 which has been. 071 means company generated Tk. zero. 071 of sales by Tk. 1 of total investment.

Set Asset Proceeds Ratio: That shows how much sales are generated by making use of per unit of set asset. It measures the efficiency of fixed asset management. Larger ratio is better. From the desk we can see the fact that ratios happen to be lower and it was best in Year 06\ and it had been 0. 087 means the corporation generated Tk. 0. 087of sales simply by investing Tk. 1 in fixed property. Liquidity Evaluation

|Liquidity Percentages |2002 |2003 |2004 |2005 |2006 | |Current Rate |253. 867 |0. 498 |0. 443 |0. forty one |0. 401 | |Quick Ratio |253. 867 |0. 185 |0. 152 |0. 137 |0. 134 | |Cash Ratio |105. 951 |0. 002 |0. 0004 |0. 003 |0. 0002


Liquidity means Current Assets is used for Short Term responsibilities. ST lenders and SAINT creditors will be more concern regarding the fluidity analysis associated with an firm, mainly because they want to realize that whether a firm has ability to pay the short term obligation in-time or perhaps not. Current Ratio: The ratio discusses how many current resources are used to payment its short term obligation. By Year 2003 to Yr 2006, Modern Cement experienced almost similar amount which has a decreasing charge to shell out its current liability simply by its current asset which is around zero. 5 Tk to pay its current liability against Tk. 1 . The amount is low signifies worse...


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