'We will be what we have got. '' (Tuan, 1980: 472) Thinking of these kinds of a concept one may think that people might be identified by other folks through the improved lenses of possessions. Also that this kind of saying is usually the most simple yet extremely powerful facts regarding consumer behaviour (Van Esterick, 1986; Feirstein, 1986; Rosenbaum, 1972). The way people consume and what they ingest is done in numerous different ways (Bourdieu, 1984; Halle, 1992; Morley, 1986; Press, 1991; Radway, 1984). During different areas and categories folks are able to express their gender, ideals, social status as well as their very own social functions, their way of living and interests and other features which may have an influence regarding their identity. One of the things through which people can express themselves could possibly be more imaginative than one other yet most expressions are done in a way of certain style. Fashion can be described as part of our identity. Fashion is in the everyday life, everywhere and quite simply in nearly anything i. at the. clothes, autos, furniture, make-up, body adornments (piercing, tattoo designs, and curly hair colours), healthy lifestyles and sport actions (Creyer, Murray, Veliquette, (1998)). Sproles (1974: 3) states that ‘'Fashion is a widely endorsed style of aesthetic appearance in gown and adornment, which is discernible at any given time and changes over time within a social system of group associated individuals''. Nowadays it is far from just about just how people dress but likewise about how persons express themselves through fashion and body modifications. In other words, exactly where body alterations as tattoo designs, piercings and also other similar body decorations are certainly not unusual to view, there are certain businesses which will not really consider a person with the stated body adjustments, as a potential employee (Nugent, 2011). you


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