Jeana Greaves Chem3301-112 06 19, 2013 Synthesis of Aspirin coming from Methyl Salicylate Introduction The synthesis of Aspirin (Acetyl Salicyclic Acid) began with methyl salicylate and salt hydroxide since the reagent. The polar oxygen welcomes the electrons from today positively charged hydrogen. The positively billed sodium disassociates leaving the hydroxide ion with a unfavorable

Scheme one particular shows the mechanisms that have been demonstrated through the synthesis of Aspirin.

impose that draws in to the absolutely charged hydrogen. A more stable structure is created when the demand on the air moves via being a solitary pair to forming a double connect and the ether substituents will be removed. In the presence of Hydronium, the negatively charged oxygen stocks and shares electrons having a hydrogen in the reagents. This mechanism allows for the formation of Salicylic Chemical p. When Acetic Anhydride is used as a reagent, the twice bond on the ketone is transferred like a charge for the oxygen causing the opposite costs to attract. Yet again, the electrophilic oxygen takes the lone pairs between the O-H a genuine to form a final product of Aspirin and acetic acid. These kinds of mechanisms just for this experiment are visible Scheme 1 . Aspirin can be classified as a Non-Steroidal Potent Drug that is indicated for heart attack, soreness, and fever.

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Procedures Component A: Eight milliliters of 6M Sodium Hydroxide was added to two milliliters of methyl salicylate in a evaluation tube. A white, crystal-like precipitate was immediately shaped. Even after shaking, the perfect solution held it is structure. Test tube was placed in a water bathroom containing cooking food chips to get while swirling the material occasionally. The test tube was removed after 20 a few minutes. The precipitate no longer continued to be; the solution was now a pink liquid. The contents of the check tube were poured in a beaker to cool for approximately five minutes. Once cooled, twenty-five milliliters of 6M Hydrochloric Acid were slowly added into the beaker....


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