Janet Lewis communicates the conflict of affection and conscience. Bertrande understood what was morally right nevertheless knew it had been wrong for the as well as especially her. " All of the circumstances of her your life, the training of the church, her devotion for her kids and her kindred rose up regarding her in a wall implacable as natural stone, invisible of air, condemning her to silence and also to the perpetuation of a sin which her soul learned to hate. " Specialist and family members values, is additionally another theme which increases questions. Is a life beneath the authority of another genuinely your personal life? Are family beliefs more important than your very own values and love? Monsieur Guerre is head from the household and all must comply with him. The ladies obey the men and all must obey the church. Bertrande fears that her underworld soul is danger, which obedience is definitely one reason she does the hard factor and uncovers Arnaud while the scams rather than the easy thing and live with her indiscretions. The hierarchy by which they live makes them every obey Monsieur Guerre yet when Martin leaves and Monsieur Guerre dies Bertrande is remaining to fend for very little and the Mesnie falls in to disorder recommending that the home and people of this time need to have some sort of authority and without it there is chaos. Appreciate, honour and commitment as well play greatly upon Bertrande. Her dedication to Martin, even though he left her for 11 years, is admirable, yet Martin's commitment to Bertrande is almost low existent. This individual doesn't show the love and honour that Bertrande displays him. This individual stayed aside, and displays nothing but disregard for her if he returns. Arnaud expresses like and value for Bertrande, " the man for who she experienced for one incredible year a great and wondrous passion. " And the lady returns it. The love together is perhaps more pure and happy than that of Martin and Bertrande yet is definitely marred by fact that he could be not who he explained, and he also that this individual jeopardizes her immortal spirit. Her options and decisions and the choices and...


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